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Shai Away

Since the beginning, The Order of Clerics has been tasked with maintaining the balance of the universe.  Ocasionally this includes hunting down and exterminating individuals whose very existence poses an actual threat to the balance.  One of these individuals is Luca, a strange young man who woke up with no memories except for the knowledge that someone was going to kill him.  That someone was Omid, a cleric who was given the simple task of killing Luca.  Or it would have been a simple task if they weren't intercepted by Ahmose, a local thief who tried to save Luca's life.  Shennanigans ensued and the three ended up falling into a portal and dropping into some place they didn't recognize.  Also it turns out that Luca is immortal, so Omid can't finish his job and go home.  After joining up with a recently-retired empress, the group is now trying to see if there's a way they can keep the universe balanced without killing their friend.  It's not like they have a choice anyway.


Fish is the author/artist for Shai Away.  They live in a desert.  They are 20-ish.  They like tardigrades (profile picture).  Fish lovingly creates each page by screaming at their tablet and crying in a fetal position.  Fish is a university student.

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