Comic 44 - Art Break #2
24th Jun 2016, 10:25 AM
Art Break #2
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Author Notes:
Feeshies edit delete
Chapter 1 is just about wrapping up so I thought I'd post this thing showing my very first drawings of each of my characters vs. my most recent drawings of them.

Also I do have a tumblr where I post updates for this comic as well as miscellaneous trivia and stuff. It can be found here
User comments:
lifelight edit delete reply
awe so cool to see how they've evolved! :D
defo18 edit delete reply
Loving the cultural inspiration.
mr.Trouble edit delete reply
Hold on... did you inspire him of tommy wiseau
Feeshies edit delete reply
I never even considered this, but now the idea of Luca growing up to become Tommy Wiseau can't escape my mind and I love it.
mr.Trouble edit delete reply
"If a lot of people love each other the world will be a better place to live !" -Luca