Comic 694 - Shai Away-Away Day 2
12th Feb 2019, 12:59 PM
Shai Away-Away Day 2
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Author Notes:
Feeshies edit delete
I mentioned a few times that (just about) all of the characters in this comic were originally created by me for other projects, so I decided it would be interesting to list all of the characters and their origins. I had to skip a few background characters, but yeah. This webcomic is just a character casserole.
User comments:
princess_lom edit delete reply
Is there an Elf Morrigan :D ?
Judith Bradford (Guest) edit delete reply
Shai Away has a weirdly realistic "feel" insofar as its characters are an assemblage of random people, just like you'd actually meet out in the world. I guess that drawing them from other projects accounts for the strange realistic feel of the cast? They definitely don't seem like they were conceived as a cast to work together, but an accidental conglomeration of actual people who happen across one another due to the vagaries of events!