Comic 760 - Chapter 11: Cover
13th May 2019, 9:39 AM in The Memories
Chapter 11: Cover
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Author Notes:
Feeshies edit delete
Okay, so we're gonna be taking things in a different direction this chapter. Instead of continuing the main plot, we're going to be focusing on some character backstory stuff - mainly with Sorrel and Nafi. I'm also going to be doing something different with the art style, and by that I mean I'm just going to use the flat colors instead of shading. It wasn't like I had a strong grasp of light sources to begin with, but this way I'll be able to experiment with color more and get pages finished faster.

Because of this, I'll only have to take a two week break between chapters instead of four, which is what it was going to be previously.

So yeah, chapter 11 will start May 27th, so I'll see you then! Thank you to everyone for understanding and sticking with this story for all these years <3 We're almost at the home stretch.